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Managed Care

OASIS, a division of Charles Nechtem Associates, Inc., is a self-insured carve-out of behavioral health care services from the existing medical plan. This allows your company to maintain coverage for behavioral health and substance abuse at a cost significantly less than typical insurance plans. We are able to offer a significant reduction in fees, as our provider relations network continually strives to negotiate lower service rates. Plan members also receive substantial reductions in out-of-pocket costs and personalized assistance in selecting top-quality treatment resources.

We maintain an extensive, nationwide network of behavioral health providers that we pre-certify before they are added into our network
We negotiate favorable rates with our pre-certified network providers and we are able to pass on the resulting savings to you
We manage all phases of plan administration, including referral and pre-certification, claim administration, care management, utilization review, and stop-loss and fiduciary liability insurance
Plan members receive substantial reductions in out-of-pocket costs and personalized assistance in selecting top-quality treatment resources

Our 34 years of experience in helping employers enhance the quality of their behavioral health care services while increasing savings is based on implementation of the following program components: 

Point Of Service

The initial assessment and counseling offered by our clinicians is an important first step in helping plan members solve their problems; effective treatment follows from proper diagnosis

Case Management

While your employee is receiving treatment, a case manager will maintain continuous contact with the treatment provider to assure that care is both effective and appropriate

Aftercare Services

Prior to discharge, the case manager will contact the plan member to discuss aftercare services, if such services are necessary

Claims Payment System

Our custom-built system allows for expedited claims payment and customized reporting to our clients

About Mental Health Carve Out Programs

Research shows that mental health and substance abuse services can be covered at much lower rates under a managed care
carve-out than under indemnity insurance. Although not perfect, carve-outs have been instrumental in addressing long-standing challenges in utilization, access, and cost of behavioral health care. As a result, the use of vendors who administer behavioral health carve-out programs has grown over the last decade.

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